• ‘Ollie really loves nursery. He always tells us about what he has done at nursery that day. Oliver is confident to go to nursery and talks about a variety of friends and any news they have shared with him’.

    — Clare Rahmani

    ‘Very pleased with Lesleys development in reading, writing and the good grasp of numbers that she is showing. Also proud of all the positive comments in her personal and social development. One very proud mummy it made me cry whilst I read her report..

    — Tracy Hibbett

    I would firstly like to thank the amazing staff at Owlets Nursery. They have been wonderfully supportive caring and thoughtful. I have seen my little boy change from a shy quiet child to a confident, caring and extremly knowledgeable boy. This is all thanks to the nursery.

    — Jayne Parker

    I.m so pleased with the progress over the last 2 years. He loves coming to Owlets. Thanks for everything you do. Keep up the good work.

    — Sara Dyson

    Lilly loves coming to nursery and would come everyday if she could, she amazes me everyday with the things she learns!!

    — Eloise Read

    We are so grateful for all the hard work you have put in to help Ruby. She has really developed under your care. She absolutely loves Owlets and will miss it enormously. I think it is because of you that she wants to become a teacher.